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We can special order any feed that we do not regularly stock. Just Ask!


We carry a large range of cattle products, from feed to mineral. Let our staff help you decide what is best for the needs of your livestock. Lines we stock include Purina Accuration®, Wind & Rain®, and Honor® Show. 

Show Cattle

We want you to have the best show cattle around, and we are here to help! By feeding them the best, you can be sure to have strong, trim, and well balanced cows. We offer the full line of Purina® Honor® Show feed for cattle. 


We treat our horses like family– let us help you treat yours just as well! Our range of cattle products features choice feeds like Purina® Omolene®, Ultium®, and the entire Purina Equine series. 


We want your hens to be in egg-cellent condition! Treat them to high quality feeds such as Purina® Layena® & Flock Raiser®. For the chicks, we stock lines such as Purina® Home Grown® & Organic Starter-Grower. 

Sheep & Goat

Whether you’re going for fluffy sheep or agile goats, we have a solution! Try out Purina® Premium Goat, or Purina® Lamb Starter & Lamb Grower. We also carry the sheep-specific version of Wind & Rain® Minerals. 


No matter if you’re feeding birds, fish, or deer, you can be sure that we carry what you’re looking for! We are proud to offer top of the line brands such as Purina® AntlerMax®, AquaMax®, Bird and Deer Blocks, and more. Inquire today and learn about our product selections!

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Exotic Animals

The most exotic animals should be fed nothing less than the best. We carry the full line of Mazuri® feeds; anything from earthworm to tortoise feed. Also for your rabbits we are offer the best with Purina® rabbit feed. 


We know you love your pets– but make sure they know it too with top-tier brands like Exclusive®, Red Flannel®, and Country Acres®. By feeding them only the best you can be sure to have the happiest and  healthiest pets around. 


We proudly stock King Ag® products so that your animals can be fed out of the best feeders. We carry 3 ton creep feeders with gate, small creep feeders, and tube feeders. If we do not have what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to ask! Call today for pricing and availability.